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Some of these exercises are not fully supported by your keyboard layout and may behave differently from what is expected by the exercise description.


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More than just simple typing practice

The typing lessons in our typing tutor are not just static texts. They are recombined in each exercise and adapt to your typing habits:

Dynamic typing lessons

All typing lessons marked as dynamic are reassembled each time you start a exercise in our typing tutor. This not only makes the exercises extremely varied, but also ensures that you don't memorize them by repetition.

Intelligent error analysis

Thanks to the intelligent error analysis in our typing tutor words and strings in which you often make mistakes will be repeated more frequently during your practice. This means that your personal weaknesses are trained directly and without any action on your part.

At TypingAcademy you can easily learn how to type with ten fingers. Our free online typing tutor helps you to practice touch typing in such a way that you can improve your finger technique noticeably in the long term and type faster and more comfortable. Thanks to the various typing lessons, you can learn how to type like in a course at school or in a coaching. And since our typing tutor runs as a web service directly online in the browser, you can use it on every platform.

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