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Characters per Minute


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Error Rate



Shows the average number of characters you can type per minute. Experienced users reach between 200 - 400 characters per minute. However, 120 characters per minute is completely sufficient for the beginning of your typing practice.

Shows how many percent of your typing is incorrect. For example, 5% error rate means that you make a typo every 20 characters. Try to keep the error rate as low as possible, even if it slows you down at first.

Shows how many points you achieve on average in your exercises. Points are calculated based on your typing speed and the error rate. The stars serve as an indication of how your achieved score is to be classified.

Shows how many characters of the keyboard you regularly use in your typing practice. The lower this value, the less meaningful are the other values about your previous typing skills when writing real texts.

Shows how much time you have spent in total on learning to type faster and more accurate.
The time required for your typing tests is not taken into account.

Your progress in fast typing

The statistics show your typing learning progress. At the top you can see your total overview, which is calculated on the basis of all your previous typing exercises. This is where you can see your long-term progress of your typing practice. If you want to take a closer look at your typing skills, use the detailed views below:




Here you can find the results of your last 50 exercises in chronological order. The detailed statistics for the exercises show you how your typing skills have developed in short term and e.g. whether you are making progress with a particular exercise. If you can type an exercise correctly and quickly, try a more challenging exercise.


The progress shows your daily typing results (characters per minute and error rate) as well as the time spent practicing. Here you can see your medium-term progress and check whether you are keeping to your planned exercise time. As long as you don't cover all keys on your keyboard, it's normal that your typing speed and error rate fluctuates - depending on how demanding the exercises were.


The error table shows you all characters that you have typed incorrectly. This allows you to see which signs you type incorrectly very often, in order to train them more targeted. If you have a high error rate for characters, you should first type them less quickly and only increase the typing speed again when you can type the characters correctly. Try to get all characters below 2% error rate.

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